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Oasis Mega Market Soon To Open On Coney Island Avenue

Photo by Brian Hoo

Sandwiched in between Chinese take-out place New Win Way and the Kiev Bakery, a defunct Coney Island Avenue furniture store has given way to a brand new supermarket, Oasis Mega Market.

The defunct furniture store that has made way for Oasis Mega Market. Source: Google Maps. Click to enlarge

Located at 2828 Coney Island Avenue between Z and Kathleen Court, Oasis appears to still be under construction.

Our tipster and roving photographer, Brian Hoo, speculates that it might be a Middle Eastern market, while the store’s sign indicates that Oasis will be a purveyor of fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses, meats, dairy… and kebabs.

Hoo also tells us that, around 10 years ago, before the furniture store occupied the space, another small supermarket operated in that space.

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a supermarket there…. Met Food.
    How nice to have another market to shop in since the one on Bay Road closed.

  2. These kind of stores need to come with parking, otherwise most of their business will come from old ladies with pushcarts, probably not enough for a successful enterprise.

  3. I live very close to this location and am concerned how delivery trucks will impact traffic on CIA. As it is now, from Gerald Court up to Avenue Z, there are ALWAYS double parked cars. Right around the corner on Z is the back entrance for the pharmacy, the sushi & chinese spots, and the new market. I honestly don’t think that’s going to be big enough for large trucks to unload in.

  4. Yes Associated was there, the area is already heavy populated with 2 restaurants across the street from each other and double parked cars….delivery trucks will not matter. I live around the are and it is a HUGE relief that I can walk around the block to grab a few things. If they will have an organic section A+++++.

  5. Hello how to get to you to work the night shift?

    I live near the store and I comfortable enough to work there. My phone number (347) 644-39-25 my name Gulya thanks

  6. Hello! I learned that quickly opens your store, which will run for 24 hours. I would like to get you to work the night shift.
    How can I come to you for an interview? I have experience in the store and I live next to the shop. I will be grateful if you answer me. thanks
    My contact (347) 644-39-25 Gulya Azizova


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