NYPD’s June Crash Stats For The 66th Precinct

NYPD’s June Crash Stats For The 66th Precinct
Crash on Ocean Parkway

In June, according to the NYPD Motor Vehicle Collision Report, our 66th Precinct had 248 collisions injuring 67 people, one fatally. This is a slight improvement over the precinct’s May 2013 figures where 269 collisions occurred. Then 76 people were injured, but none fatally.

66th precinct crash stat data, June 2013

Brooklyn crashes were busting out all over in June. Brooklyn led the other boroughs, at 5,125 June collisions. (Queens came in a close second at 5,019.) These collisions affected more than 10,000 motorists, 660 passengers, 204 cyclists, and 319 pedestrians, leaving 7 people dead and 1,208 injured. Fortunately the 66th played a bit part in this story, accounting for just 4.8% of the Brooklyn total.

Kensington’s Church Avenue/Ocean Parkway intersection, known as one of Brooklyn’s deadliest, lived up to its reputation in June. Six collisions occurred there, injuring three and killing 73-year-old Ngozi Agbim, the only recent fatality.

Three other intersections in our precinct had five collisions apiece: at 13th Avenue/39th Street, four people were injured; at Avenue I/Ocean Parkway, 10 were injured; and at Avenue J/Ocean Parkway, one was injured.

The details are in the numbers. The 66 Precinct is profiled on pages 66–87.


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