Gunman Commits Suicide After Shooting NYPD Cop In Cypress Hills

police line do not cross
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

CYPRESS HILLS – Emotionally disturbed gunman took his own life after shooting an NYPD officer three times yesterday afternoon, NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill said in a press conference yesterday.

It all began when the NYPD received a call from the 29-year-old shooter’s mom who said he was emotionally disturbed, though unarmed and not violent inside her home. When the cops arrived, one went to the rear of the building after being told by the mother that the shooter might try to run.

As another cop, Officer Hart Nguyen approached the bedroom, the gunman shot him once in the arm and twice in his protective vest– which O’Neill said saved the police man.

The 30-year-old cop, who was on the force for just above two years, did not return fire.

The suspect then barricaded himself in his bedroom, causing a standoff with the police, eventually shooting himself dead. Cops recovered two guns by his side– a revolver and a semi-automatic.

Photo: NYPD
Photo: NYPD

Officer Nguyen is in stable condition at Jamaica Hospital.

“They said recoveries is going take a while,” O’Neill said, “but I saw the injuries I spoke to him, spoke to his partner and they’re going to be fine, it may take a little time though.”

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