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Hardcore Band Merauder Performs At Coney Island Tattoo Shop, Tattoo Shot Lounge


After a last minute venue change, hardcore band Merauder kicked off their nationwide tour at Brooklyn’s Tattoo Shot Lounge on September 22.

The band has been active in one form or another since the early ’90s and started their cross-country tour not to far from where the NYHC scene began.

Tattoo Shot Lounge, 1205 Surf Avenue, is a bar, party venue and tattoo studio — a one-stop shop for those who want to get drunk, get music and get inked. For many of us, it’s good to see music alive and kicking in Southern Brooklyn since the irreplaceable void left years ago by the closing of L’Amour, long considered the rock mecca of Brooklyn.

Hey Tattoo Shot Lounge, what’s next on your calendar?

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  1. I go many Saturday nights to Coney Island bar and grill, which is downstairs from tattoo shot lounge. Glad coney is attracting bands and crowds

  2. I used to promote a lot of underground metal/hardcore/rock shows in Manhattan back in the day. I’ve often thought about doing something again out in South Brooklyn, but am not sure if there’s really an audience out here. Seems like a lot of the kids I encounter are either into hip hop or club music. What do you think, is there a viable scene out here to make it worth while? I’m talking purely economics here. Any show would be good out this way, but paying bands (yes, you read that correctly – I actually paid the talent), renting equipment, printing flyers, etc.. all costs money. Do you think it would be a success or a nightmare?


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