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NY Times Weighs In On Jamaica Bay Pipeline

Activists have been collecting petition signatures against the pipeline at Riis Park in the Rockaways.

We’ve been covering the development and ramifications of the proposed Jamaica Bay Natural Gas Pipeline since this past April, and it seems that the New York Times has finally picked up on the story as well.

The Times’ Stuart Miller summarizes the history of the pipeline’s almost clandestine construction and development process. The deal for the pipeline, which would run under the Atlantic Ocean, then cutting through the Rockaways into southeast Brooklyn, has met stiff opposition from both environmentalists and residents residing near its zones of impact.

The major concerns against the pipeline’s construction, covered here and in the times, highlight the fear of explosions, fires, and health risks in densely populated areas, and the potential damage to the fragile ecosystems of Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn’s largest national parkland. The proposal to use Floyd Bennett Field’s historic hangars has raised concerns that it will open all national parks for industrial uses. Transco Williams, the firm put in charge of this development, has had a spotty safety record in recent years having suffered explosions in pipelines across the country.

The $265 million dollar project was pushed through and endorsed by the Bloomberg administration, in an effort to promote cleaner energy alternatives to oil, bring in $8 million dollars annually in property taxes, and create jobs.

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  1. I wanted to say a big “Thank you” to Sheepshead Bay Bites for publicizing this important issue.  The organization protesting this proposed pipeline is “CARP”, the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline.  Here is their Facebook page:

    Here is an online petition to oppose the pipeline: proposal has passed the House but has not yet been considered by the Senate.  If it passes, this pipeline will: Cause significant disruption and harm to the wildlife and ecosystems in Jamaica Bay and Gateway National Recreation Area
    • Set an unacceptable precedent by allowing a private, for-profit corporation to lease national parklands for destructive industrial purposes
    • Place the entire area at risk of a catastrophic gas explosion in the event of an accident or terrorist action
    • Increase reliance on methane gas and encourage hydrofracking, with the inevitable degradation of water, air, health, and local economies, and the exposure to radioactivity, that results from this practice
    • Discourage the development of renewable resources and accelerate climate changeFor those who care about Jamaica Bay and our National Parks, we still have the opportunity to let our Senators know that we oppose this project.  Please write to and ask every Senator you can to ask them to vote “NO” on the proposal known as HR 2606.

  2. TY. Signed. Please keep Bites informed as to any new developments or protests so the community will stay in the know.


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