NY Times Is All About Sheepshead's Scuba Steves

Courtesy of Piotr Redlinski // The New York Times

Did you know there are organized scuba trips departing from Sheepshead Bay? Yep, there are, and New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir rode along with some scuba students on their first trip.

The divers came aboard with Captain Bill Reddan of the Jeanne II, departing off Pier 5. They set out for a spot 45-minutes away from the familiar Brooklyn coastline, to the site of a bridge demolished and dumped there in the 1970s. Maslin Nir describes the scene:

The 47-foot ship, all 29 tons of it, bucked over the four-foot waves that kicked at its underbelly once out of Sheepshead Bay. The passengers, certified scuba divers from experts to those on their first night dive, wobbled with every shimmy, until the engine was trimmed and anchor was set at the dive site. The four-hour trip cost each diver $55, and it goes out on most Wednesdays until early fall.
The divers struggled into wetsuits, masks and flippers, strapped on tanks of compressed air and unkinked their air tubes. The distant city’s lights began to bloom at the edge of the slate sky. Flashlights on, they waddled walruslike to the ship’s edge before flopping off, one by one, into the dark sea.

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