NY Post Mocks Jews; Meanwhile, More on HLA

The New York Post is well-known for its horrific headlines, laden with puns and general outrageousness. So it’s almost no surprise to see the repulsively titled “Battle is Hebrewing” (HeBrewing – Get it? Because they’re Jews!) story amongst its pages. And, knowing it’s the Post, we’ll probably all shake our heads and sigh. We’ll mutter, “Oh, that Post,” like it’s a dim-witted nephew who can’t stop drooling while publicly fondling himself. And then we’ll move on.

This is going to be one of those times, because – believe it or not – there was actually an important story under that bullshit. I think my opinion on the Post is clear (that they’re talentless hacks ridden with double-standards and catering to the lowest common denominator), now to get to the story:

The Hebrew Language Academy Charter School, which recently announced its new digs below a yeshiva, has sparked yet another controversy – this time involving a synagogue that they’ll replace as tenants.

Even the High Holidays have done little to quell an escalating holy war (Ed.-Holy war! Get it? Because they’re Jews!) between  a rabbi and a new Hebrew charter school in Brooklyn.
The battle pits the city’s first Hebrew-language charter school receiving  public funds against Rabbi Moshe Toiv’s Orthodox congregation housed in the same  Flatbush facility at 3300 Kings Highway.
The landlord, who already runs a small Jewish high school on the top floor,  has ordered the synagogue out to make space for the new and expanding charter  school on the first floor.
But the members of Congregation Machzikei Torah have no exodus plans. (Ed.– Exodus! Get it? Because they’re Jews!)

Read more from the NY Post website, which has now been entirely redesigned for an advertiser. Anything to get those dolla’ bills, boys – eh?