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NY Daily News: Storobin Doesn’t Pay His Rent!

Source: Storobin campaign

State Senator David Storobin is giving new meaning to the term “fiscal conservative,” according to a report in the Daily News.

Storobin, a Republican, has owed upwards of $10,000 dollars on his Brighton Beach pad at Trump Village, and has been taken to court three times to account for his late payments.

Storobin insists that the three court appearances reflect the three times in 11 years that he has forgotten to pay in a timely fashion, stating, “It was a one month thing in each case. We are talking about a few weeks.”

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  1. Landlords don’t take tenants in good standing to court over rent that’s only a few weeks late. Something that extreme only happens if they are trying to get you out already….

    I wonder how horrible a tenant he is.

  2. They will take you to court if you are three months late. Before that the landlord will send a notice informing you that you are in arrears, and if you don’t pay you the matter will be taken to court.

  3. As I have said in the past, I believe that he stole the election from Fidler.  We should have had another election.  He is proving he is a liar now, as no landlord will take a good tenant to court if he is late with a months rent.  We need to get rid of this useless politician.  He claims he put more trash cans on Avenue U, so do tell me why there is trash all over the place.  LIAR LIAR PANTS OF FIRE.  DOWN WITH STOROBIN.

  4. There’s no criminality in this instance, only a lack of responsibility. The rent was paid up in each instance. But his claim that he was only a month behind when he was taken to court doesn’t ring true. Are the current owners of Trump Village that quick to start a court action?

    Perhaps he finds his inability to manage his affairs an embarrassment. OK, fine, but such disclosures are a fact of live when one holds political office. One’s affairs will be scrutinized.

  5. Not only did he steal the election from Fidler with those so called “absentee ballots” but he also had questionable signatures on his petitioning for the new district against Simcha Felder.  This including having the signature of a woman that passed away 2 years ago!  Storobin is what the Republicon Party would say is “voter fraud” and look who’s doing it.

  6. In November voters in the 17th Senate District will have a choice between a man who has integrity, whose views we may not be in agreement with, and Storbin.

    Guess who gets my vote. I respect Felder, even if I don’t always agree with him.

  7. So pissed that I can’t even write correctly.  I meant to say, “No!!!!! Really???? From the man who cheated in the election????


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