Nottingham Association Launches New Website

Our civic-minded neighbors to the north have launched a new website, and asked Sheepshead Bites to pass the word on to readers.

The Nottingham Association is a civic association committed to looking out for residents in the small community of Nottingham, which is sandwiched between Sheepshead Bay and Midwood. The boundaries are Avenue K between Ocean Avenue and Nostrand Avenue; Kings Highway between Ocean Avenue and Nostrand Avenue; and Ocean Avenue and Nostrand Avenue between Avenue K and Kings Highway. There are about 2,000 households in the area, according to the group’s officials.

The primary purposes of Nottingham Association are to develop and implement crime prevention programs, to combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, to lessen community tensions, to develop beautification programs, and to encourage and foster community spirit among the residents.

Check out the new website here.