Notorious Adult Home To Become A Homeless Shelter

Caton Park Manor, 570 Coney Island Avenue. (Photo by Liena Zagare/BKLYNER)

DITMAS PARK – The grim red-brick Park Manor Home For Adults was a house of horrors before the New York State Department of Health finally forced it to close its doors in March of 2017 — a place where disabled adults went hungry and unmedicated, crammed into small and filthy rooms.

Now its owners have leased the space to a new tenant, according to papers filed with the Department of Buildings, who has proposed to build a homeless shelter with 19 rooms just a block from a new elementary and middle school on Coney Island Avenue.

The city needs homeless shelters — but this one raises some red flags. The operator is an anonymous LLC, The Coney Group, with an address in Lakewood, NJ. And the shelter has already been sanctioned by the city: The operators’ plans to reduce the number of rooms from 27 to 18 were disapproved by the Department of Buildings, but that did not stop the company from going ahead with renovations. The city then issued a stop-work order for work without permits — but one neighbor described work continuing despite a full stop order on the property in mid-October.

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We reached out to owners for comment and left messages, but did not hear back.

Bklyner exposed the horrors of Park Manor earlier this year after the state Department of Health turned over hundreds of pages of reports in response to a Freedom of Information Law request.

928 Coney Island Avenue

There is another hotel in the works, a little further down at 928 Coney Island Avenue at Webster Avenue, the site of former Jiffy Lube, half a block from P.S. 217. The 67 room Best Western Plus would be the largest hotel around. Owner Nehalkumar Gandhi, operating under 928 Coney Avenue LLC, also owns other hotels in New Jersey and New York, including several other applications in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

There will be 5 parking spaces, and 2 bicycle parking spots, and five trees will be planted. Neighbors have reached out to us worried that this may not turn out to be a hotel after all, as the City has been renting hotels across the borough to house homeless families, including the old Oak Hotel on Avenue H. Gandhi couldn’t be reached for comment, though he does appear to operate other commercial hotels.

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  1. Is the Coney Group, LLC, that owned the group home and will now be housing the new homeless shelter, the same as Coney Realty, LLC?

    Coney Realty has offices on Coney Island Avenue but their main ownership is also from NJ — as is the Coney Group.

    Wondering if they are the same unprincipled, greedy, owners because Coney Realty has no regard for the rights or living conditions of the tenants in their buildings.

    If anyone knows if these are the same or separate corporations, please share details.

  2. Hey Liena. I am business owner in the neighborhood and have been there for the past 12 years. The owner is still the same person who owned the homeless shelter. He is using a front to open a new government funded entity so he can rape the funds. The work order that has been giving didn’t do much as the owner is operating at night time behind closed doors. I will be calling cops and 311 every night to make sure this doesn’t get build. Coney Island is finally on the up and up and building a homeless shelter will break all the advancements the neighborhood has made.

  3. My sister lives in an adult home in Coney Island called Surf Manor, they recently changed the name to Brooklyn Terrace. The conditions there are so terrible. She has had two MRSA infections, her bed was infested with bed bugs, roaches in her room, mice in her room. When Hurricane Sandy hit , they did not evacuate until last minute and my sister had to walk through rushing water to get to safety. There is nothing I can do for her, she’s schizophrenic and will not let me help her, she thinks I want to hurt her. We have no family to help us. She’s been there for 10 years. I’m so worried about her. She’s getting worse and worse in there. They take most of her $800 SSI check and leave her with only $170 for the month. There seems to be no place at all in this city that will give her a safe place to live while she receives treatment for her illness. The mentally ill are ignored in this city.


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