Free Electronic Waste Pick-Up For Seniors & People With Disabilities

Free Electronic Waste Pick-Up For Seniors & People With Disabilities
Source: zzkt/Flickr
Source: zzkt/Flickr

Not sure what to do with that broken air conditioner?

Councilman Mark Treyger has announced that his office is offering free electronic waste removal and recycling for seniors and disabled residents of the 47th Council District.

Residents interested in having their electronic waste picked up at their homes and recycled can contact Council Member Treyger’s district offices at (718) 307-7151 or (718) 373-9673. Staff from Treyger’s office will work with Wildcat Service Corporation, one of the organizations that Treyger allocates funding to as part of the City Council’s Cleanup NYC initiative, to arrange a pickup of the items.

“We all want to be mindful of the environment, and we all want to do our part to keep our planet clean, but it isn’t always easy to do so for our seniors or people with disabilities who may have difficulty moving large pieces of equipment or traveling to designated e-waste recycling locations,” said Treyger. “Now, getting rid of your old electronic equipment and helping the environment will be as easy as picking up the phone.”

As we’ve reported, in 2015, it became illegal to dispose of certain electronic items, including computers, televisions, video game consoles, iPods, and more. The legislation is part of the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, which was enacted in 2010 with a goal of keeping potentially harmful electronics out of the waste stream and be recycled or reused instead.

Treyger also recently announced that he has enlisted Wildcat Service Corp. to clean up and paint over any instances of graffiti in his district that is reported to his office by residents.

“We are thrilled to be working with Council Member Treyger and his constituents in District 47 in this innovative and forward thinking e-waste recycling program,” said David Saturn, Director, Social Enterprise for Wildcat Services Corp. “Council Member Treyger’s leadership in assisting seniors and people with disabilities to recycle computers and other electronics is both great for the community and great for the environment.”


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