Nostrand Murder Update: Suspect Cut Victim Into Pieces, Tried To Dissolve In Bleach

The murder we first reported on yesterday has taken a sick twist. Police reportedly found body parts strewn throughout the apartment unit at 3395 Nostrand Avenue, with several pieces in buckets of bleach and more in the suspect’s refrigerator.

Police have now taken the suspect into custody, and has told police he killed his roommate and tried getting rid of the evidence.

New York Post reports:

A Russian immigrant told cops yesterday that he killed his Brooklyn roommate in a fistfight during a wild party, chopped up his body and tried to dissolve the dismembered corpse in vats of bleach, sources told The Post. Sergey Mamontov, 50, who was in custody last night, said the victim, 55, died during a March 25 blowup in their Sheepshead Bay apartment, the sources said.
His death went unnoticed until yesterday, when a friend of the victim went to the fourth-floor apartment on Nostrand Avenue looking for the man.
The suspected butcher told him he was gone — for good.
“You’re not going to see him anymore. He’s not around anymore,” Mamontov allegedly told him. “I cut him up.”
The pal then told cops, who walked into the grisly scene at around 1 p.m.
They found vats of a bleach-acid combo containing what appeared to be human body parts inside the apartment and in the suspect’s refrigerator, the sources said.
The fridge was filled with a five-gallon bucket and eight smaller Clorox bottles.
“There isn’t even room for an egg” in the refigerator, one source said.
Another source said, “We have body parts. We have a rib cage there. We don’t know how much of the body is there.”
Outside, cops collected a pair of Goodwill donation boxes that gave off a stomach-churning odor of decaying flesh.
Investigators were also going through every piece of trash in the building by hand as they searched for more human body parts.
Mamontov, who has two prior DUI busts and one for grand larceny, told cops he’d taken the victim in as a roommate six months ago, but the two did not get along.


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