Arrest In Nostrand Houses Mother-Daughter Murder

Nostrand Houses (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

Twenty-year-old Amahal Lynch was arrested yesterday and charged with the Sunday morning murder of a Nostrand Houses resident and her 8-year-old daughter. According to a New York Times report, Lynch is an acquaintance of the victim, Shakeema Elliot, and an employee of the New York City Housing Authority. It’s unclear if he worked in the Sheepshead / Nostrand Houses, but offers found reason to believe the East New York resident is involved in the death by strangulation. When the story was first reported, police said they found the victims in the bathtub surrounded by pills, after being called for a possibly burglary. Police authorities are now saying the bodies may have been moved from another area in the apartment to the tub, and the bathroom made to look like a suicide scene.


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