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Nostrand Blockbuster Goes Bust, Leaving Only One In Brooklyn


The Blockbuster at 3752 Nostrand Avenue will soon shutter, marking the end of the chain’s very last brick-and-mortar outpost in Sheepshead Bay, and the second to last in all of Brooklyn.

We’d like to say it’s a surprise, but, really, the only surprise is just how long Blockbuster lasted. With digital media services like TiVo, Netflix and Hulu making content easily available and affordable for several years now, it’s anyone’s guess how they ever made it past 2008.

But they did. The company even made it another two years before declaring bankruptcy in 2010 and was acquired by Dish Network. Last year, Dish announced they would keep only 500 storefronts open. At its peak, Blockbuster had more than 4,000 stores.

The last remaining Blockbuster in Brooklyn – which may soon close, too – is at 6906 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

Thanks to Amy for the photo and tip.

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  1. What strange and amazing times we live in, especially when one considers that many of us remember before the VCR exploded onto the market.

  2. I’m surprised it’s closing. With all the old style TVs and dvd players still in use, I thought there would still be enough demand to keep ONE store in business. 

  3. It seems anyone who watches a lot of DVDs just gets Netflix. A customer who gets one DVD every three months isn’t going to keep a store open.

  4. Soon you will never have to leave your house for anything. No wonder everyone is getting fat. At least 10 years ago you had to walk into a store to rent or purchase something. I feel bad to for all the people that will be losing their jobs and thrown into the dismal job market.

  5. In the last three decades, rapidly changing consumer technology has seen the demise of once popular items such as vinyl records, 8-track tapes, audio cassettes, video tapes and, soon, compact discs. So it comes as no surprise when a retail chain can’t compete with the advancements consumers crave. 
    Let’s hope the space doesn’t remain vacant for too long, like the old Pathmark site.

  6. Remember before Blockbuster came on the scene to kill all the mom and Pop video stores? What comes around goes around. The only small video stores remaining are the ones specializing in Russian videos not available elsewhere.

  7. At the risk of deviating too far off topic, that’s not what happened to Netflix. Its decision to raise rates was a necessary one – where they screwed up was in communicating the necessity. Either way, I don’t think it had a huge impact on its stock. I think the drop in stock value was driven by a resurfaced uncertainty about the future of net neutrality (which happened at the same time, and was also part of the cause for the rate hike). A change of the law could end up costing Netflix billions of dollars, if not put it out of business altogether. 

  8. blockbuster should have porn rental available.  then you will see business pick up.  lots of horny bitches in sheepshead bay

  9. LOL. Ever bump into that Chinese woman, she’s all over Nostrand and Coney Island Avenues. Those are boots. Her regular customers return them but I am sure plenty are an instant profit. A profit less the cost of a DVD. 

  10. the problem with that… IMO is that when DVD’s first hit the market they were 20$ … now they are at 50$… WTF?

  11. I can copy a movie for .50. 
    At a RedBox if you do not return a video they keep charging daily fees until it hits 25 bucks (unless it went up with the new year). Why with technology would someone pay  $50?

  12. There are still some bills lingering around that could hurt them and it’s scary to think the government would pass such bills that would take down such useful services. 

  13. thats my point… in bestbuy dvd movie costs almost 50$!!

    But.. your copy idea sir is piracy 🙂 ARRRRRRRR


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