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Noisy Sheepshead Man Stabbed On Thanksgiving

Source: Matěj Baťha via Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving is famous for drunken fights among family members simmering with resentments over failed marriages, political disagreements, or self indulgent slide shows, but rarely is any blood spilled because everyone is usually passed out by 5 p.m. from a combination of tryptophan and red wine. Sadly,  intoxicating turkey chemicals and alcoholism weren’t enough to temper the rage of Angel Rosario, a local Sheepshead Bay man, who stabbed a fellow party guest for being far too noisy, according to a report in the New York Post.

The victim was attending a Thanksgiving party at a mutual friend’s Nostrand Ave apartment and raised Rosario’s ire for being loud. The two had a fight, and when the allegedly noisy victim left, Rosario followed him and stabbed him with a long knife at 1:35 a.m.

The victim was rushed to Lutheran Hospital where he underwent colon and stomach surgery. Rosario was arrested the next day and was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing and harassment.

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  1. Absolutely correct Local Broker. If he didn’t have a knife, no one would have been been stabbed………Maybe we should have everyone register their knives? Wasn’t something like this said regarding a gun…recently?……………….and here it comes.

  2. @rpell1 and @Local Broker: no need for additional laws – knives in New York are already regulated/restricted.

    See, for instance:
    N.Y. ADC. LAW § 10-133 : NY Code – Section 10-133: Possession of knives or instruments

    b. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry on his or her person
    or have in such person’s possession, in any public place, street, or
    park any knife which has a blade length of four inches or more.
    c. It shall be unlawful for any person in a public place, street or
    park, to wear outside of his or her clothing or carry in open view any
    knife with an exposed or unexposed blade
    unless such person is actually
    using such knife for a lawful purpose as set forth in subdivision d of
    this section.

    N.Y. PEN. LAW § 265.01 : NY Code – Section 265.01: Criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree

    A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth
    degree when:
    (1) He or she possesses any firearm, electronic dart gun, electronic
    stun gun, gravity knife, switchblade knife, pilum ballistic knife, metal
    knuckle knife
    , cane sword, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, plastic knuckles,
    metal knuckles, chuka stick, sand bag, sandclub, wrist-brace type
    slingshot or slungshot, shirken or “Kung Fu star”; or
    (2) He possesses any dagger, dangerous knife, dirk, razor, stiletto,
    imitation pistol, or any other dangerous or deadly instrument or weapon
    with intent to use the same unlawfully against another;

    and further through Section 265.15.

  3. nahh nahh we should Ban all the knives! Even those in your kitchen! That way no one will ever get stabbed! btw, i’m not being sarcastic i’m being Shmerious!

  4. Oh…..but we need MORE laws. At least this is what anti-gun people insist. It’s NEVER the perpetrator, or the criminal that ignores the law.

    Of course you recognize my sarcasm? But, sorry, I can’t help it. I’m sure this will “inspire” difference of opinion.

  5. Unfortunately, firearms are not regulated as much as knives due to the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and related federal case law.
    In other words, however paradoxical this sounds, knives are more regulated/restricted than firearms (although the level of disparity depends on a specific locality).

  6. I respect your wide-ranging expertise that, apparently, includes psychiatry. With your diagnosis in hand, I can now collect SSI and food stamps! Thank you!

  7. You are welcome. There is just no other way to explain the dumb shit that you come up with. I think i said this to you before but i really hope the day never comes when you cant use your mouth (1A) to talk your way out of a bad situation and wished you were able to protect yourself (2A) because no govt agent was near you to help.

  8. Shit is never smart – it’s just shit.

    But what do you think I was doing for 40 years so far (I haven’t killed anyone, militarily or otherwise)? No government agents were near me, thank goodness.

    In my family it is usually stroke or cancer that will get you, not some thug(s). Do you have a firearm for cancer? That gun I’d get in a flash…

  9. I am not paranoid and would hope never to hurt anyone. Its just a tool not an evil death device. Bad people will do bad things what they use to do them doesnt change the persons intent or means. Point is you put your seatbelt on everyday but you hope never to get into an accident and you might keep a fire extinguisher in the home but hope you never have a fire and need to use it.

  10. I’ll tell you what SHOULD be banned: ALCOHOL. Probably responsible for more deaths and injuries than guns , knives combined. Yeah, laugh, everyone including myself treats alcohol like kind of a joke, just think of the problems it causes society. Too bad it wasn’t banned at the dawn of time, the cat is outta the bag I guess.


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