No Withdrawals at 9th or 14th Street Chase Branches

No Withdrawals at 9th or 14th Street Chase Branches

A major systems failure in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has left several JP Morgan Chase branches in our area without the ability to distribute funds. Signs at both the 9th Street/5th Avenue and 14 Street/5th Avenue locations inform customers that the branches are only able to process deposits and payments. Unfortunately, a representative from the bank says that they’re unsure as to when operations will return.

The 5th Ave/Lincoln and the 7th Ave/Carroll Street locations do have functioning ATM machines, though. True, they’re a bit of a hike from South Slope, but it’s a pleasant day outside. Use the inconvenience as an excuse to take a stroll around the neighborhood and check out some new restaurants that have recently popped up over to our north.

We’ll keep an eye on the Chase branches and let you know as soon as things are back to normal. Are there any other banking difficulties in the area? Let us know in the comments.


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