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No Standing Signs Go Into Effect, Cabbies Shrug


No Standing signs were installed this week along Sheepshead Bay Road, following an effort from local politicians to clear the streets of livery cab chaos.

As you can see in the photo above, the signs make exception for trucks making deliveries. It also allows cars to be there between midnight and 8:00 a.m., clearing the way for drunkards and late-night workers to get home when local bus service is less-than-stellar.

Still, no one cares. Or rather, cabbies don’t care. On a Wednesday walk-by at 11:00 a.m., car service vehicles lined the entire length of the new “No Standing” area, which stretches from East 16th Street to East 14th Street.

We asked one driver why he was there if the signs made it unquestionably illegal. The streets, he said, are clear and quiet and that the cabs are being respectful. If police or delivery trucks arrive, he said, they move out of the way. He admitted that problems sometimes occur – such as the NYPD car last week that was forced to park in the middle of the road, causing backups for almost half an hour – but that was other drivers, he said. He always moves.

What do you think: is this a step in the right direction that simply needs enforcement? Or just another meaningless gesture to improve quality of life that will go nowhere?

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  1. I was on E17 street this morning and cold not get by because of a tractor trailer trying to navigate into the loading dock.
    I waited 10 minutes and when I tried to creep up the driver pointed to the ambulette parked by the medical building next door.
    There were 3 in front of the medical building and 2 across from it.
    I got out to tell the men to move (yes,tell) and one said he had a problem with HOW I was asking.
    That is when I said “F…how I am asking you have vehicles waiting to get by”, he thought that was amusing.
    He would have let that trucker try to swing into the dock because he was having too much fun watching.
    I will be back there to document the practices of these ambulette drivers. They take a patient to the Doctor and sit for hours waiting for the return trip.
    Some sort of improper use of authorization. I thought Access A Ride was bad. NOT.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if one day cops show up for an emergency and they block the cabs in, and after handling the emergency write up tickets while the cabs are blocked in.

  3. I always thought this was some sort of scam.

    Gee, maybe we should start protesting when medical buildings are planned. In fact, there is one that is supposed to be built two blocks from the proposed Voorhies Avenue mosque.

    Ah, but there’s money in those buildings. And it adds so much to the neighborhood. NOT!

  4. Why should be even start to think that this will be enforced? Rarely are parking regs enforced, be it for Livery Cabs, the ridiculious number of medical vans all over, cars double parking, blocking hydrants, stc.. Why does the city even bother putting up signs?

  5. The cabbies in sheepshead bay road make me so angry! I can never drive down that road, or get a parking spot at the meters in front of dunkin doughnuts because the cabbies stay at the metered spots without paying taking up the spaces, and when there is a space, Its hard to parkin one because there is no room for the cars to go by me as I’m parking due to the cabbies lining the sidewalk in front of the train station.

    They cause havvok and pollution by leaving their engins running, and make it difficult for cars, buses, and truck to get by. There needs to be stricked enforcement of the signs, or the city needs to make a taxi stand area like they have in other parts of the city and at airports.

    Also, how are the garbage cans supposed to be picked up if the cabbies are blocking the garbage trucks? Do you think the garbage men are going to fight with the cabbies every night so they can access the cans, or will they just pass them by, causing trash build up?


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