No Pre-K Spot? Form Your Own Co-Op

No Pre-K Spot? Form Your Own Co-Op

Pre-kindergarten acceptance letters went out last week, and if you’ve found yourself in that sticky position of not landing a public school spot, chances are you’re trying to figure out what to do with the kids next fall.

Private preschools are both expensive and competitive (especially in our neck of the woods), so one option is to form your own preschool co-op. The gang over at A Child Grows in Brooklyn recently put together some co-op formation tips, with everything from developing supportive relationships with other participating families and whether or not you need to register your group with the Department of Health.

The process definitely doesn’t sound like it’s for the faint of heart, though. What advice do our preschool co-op veterans have for anyone considering a group of their own?

Photo by Sean Corbett