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No Love Lost For Gravesend Pimp

This is NOT the person in the story. This is how a real pimp does it.

Yo! What a pimp gon’ do if his main girl is wit a ‘nother pimp?

That’s the same question (not word-for-word) Salah Youssef asked himself, according to prosecutors. Youssef was allegedly in charge of his own Gravesend-based prostitution ring when he found out his girlfriend was working for a rival prostitution ring.

Not only working for the rival, but, you know… workin’ the rival. Youssef was convinced that his girlfriend, Nelly, was having an affair with the other prostitution ring’s old and bald owner, Boris (who happened to be an FBI informant). He harassed his girlfriend through hundreds of phone calls and text message at the same time plotting multiple ways of ruining Boris’ life, according to New York Times’ coverage of the trial.

He first concocted a genius (NOT) plan of making a 16-year-old girl seduce Boris, and have her plant cocaine and a gun on him so he would get arrested, but he soon retracted that idea for a more genius (bigger NOT) plan.

The  genius-erer plan was discussed with good old family friend Mohamed Elhelbawi (who was also a good FBI informant, and probably not so good a friend). He contacted a detective he once met that could possibly tip other officers off about Boris, but nothing came of it, probably because Boris was also an FBI informant. Yeah, apparently everyone’s an FBI informant these days.

The brilliant plan Youssef came up with was to have Boris murdered, but he couldn’t do it because he was probably busy with, well, you know, prostitution stuff. He first asked Manuel Almonte, who was the super of the building of which Youssef’s service, if he knew anyone that could kill someone, because janitors always know someone who could kill someone. (I saw that on Law & Order.)

He then went back to good friend/FBI informant Elhelbawi if he knew anyone that could do the job. The FBI told Elhelhawi to tell Youssef about a made-up New Jersey hitman. Then last December at Katz Delicatessen the big bust went down. Both men went into the famed deli to meet a woman (prostitute) who was applying for a job (as a prostitute). The feds arrested Youssef outside the deli.

Youssef pleaded guilty to sex trafficking, but was acquitted for the murder-for-hire charges. He awaits his sentencing in January where he could face a year in prison.

But then again, a pimp gotta do what a pimp gotta do… right?

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  1. Is this a real story?
    And does that little boy in the picture really look like that or is did he wear a costume a few days early this year?

  2. I love Katz’s deli. The idea that it’s a beacon for prostitute recruitment is the most shocking part of this tale. Pastrami there will never be the same.

    Apparently even pimps, hos and building supers are suffering a great deal during these woeful times of economic distress. Further a pimp who is unaware that his best wroker ho is producing for a business rival does not seem to be the very best pimp. In fact he was lousy at his job; a failure in his chosen profession, and a criminal.

  3. How old is this punk?  He looks like he’s about 15 years old.  He also looks like he needs a kick in the ass.


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