No Fruit For You: 2201 86th Street To Become Bank

(image courtesy of Jay New)

After our last story on the fate of the former Jerusalem Fruit Market, District Manager for Community Board 11 Marnee Elias-Pavia contacted Bensonhurst Bean in order to give our readers a heads up on what’s headed there.

Elias-Pavia, who has both been in touch with the property owner and reviewed paperwork filed with the city, told us the site should soon be home to a Valley National Bank.

The District Manager also informed us that CB 11, which had been receiving complaints about the fruit stand for years, was not exactly sad to see it go.

“Since I began working for the Community Board, over 13 years ago, this fruit store consistently generated complaints from the 86th Street shopping community, which ranged from trip hazards to sidewalk obstructions,” Elias-Pavia told the Bean. “Regarding the property at 2054 86th Street, the job filings show Valley National Bank as the applicant.”

The loss of Jerusalem Fruit may prove to be a mixed blessing. While it’s fortunate that 86th Street has one less bad neighbor, the community has also lost one more green grocer. We’re left wondering if the neighborhood really needs another bank.