No Backyard, No Problem: Your BBQ In Brooklyn Guide

No Backyard, No Problem: Your BBQ In Brooklyn Guide

Let’s face it — many of us live in apartment buildings and don’t have the luxury of a backyard. But it’s summertime and once in awhile you’ll crave that BBQ smell.

So you go to the park all excited with your grill and see this sign:

Photo: Liena Zagare

What to do… what to do?

Check out our list of Brooklyn’s best parks that allow BBQing and grill on.

  1. Prospect Park
Prospect Park W, Parkside Ave. bet. Flatbush Ave., Ocean Ave. and Prospect Park SW (Photo: Liena Zagare).

This one is a giveaway. But let’s face it, Prospect Park is huge and you may get lost trying to find the BBQ spots. Not to worry, we narrowed it down for you.

  • Both sides of Bandshell
  • North area of Long Meadow
  • Area near Prospect Park South West and 10th Avenue
  • Area near Vanderbilt Street and Prospect Park South West
  • Area north and south of Picnic House
  • Grecian Shelter area
  • Area near Lincoln Road and East Drive
  • Parkside Lawn near Parkside Avenue and St. Paul’s Place
  • Park Circle area near Parkside Avenue and Prospect Park Southwest/Coney Island Avenue
  • Area near the Well House
  • The Nethermead

Click here for a list of rules and BBQ guidelines at Prospect Park.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Pier 5 (Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Park)

This new park offers a beautiful sight: the ocean, Manhattan skyline, and let’s not forget the Brooklyn Bridge! If you go over to Pier 5, you will be able to BBQ. There are also picnic tables available for your seating.

Click here for a list of rules and guidelines of BBQing at Pier 5.

3. Coffey Park

Verona St. bet. Richard St. and Dwight St. (Photo via NYC Parks).

Just two years ago, the BBQ area was reconstructed to make it accessible for those with disabilities. This beautiful park provides a great view of nature (who doesn’t want that), as well as events throughout the year to keep everyone entertained.

There are two designated BBQ locations:

  • At Verona and Richards streets
  • At Verona and Dwight streets

4. Fort Greene Park

Along Myrtle Avenue between North Portland Avenue and St. Edwards Street (Photo: Liena Zagare).

Can we scream NATURE? With lots of space for family games and endless BBQ, this park is the absolute best replacement for a backyard. So grab your buns, your pets, a book, and the drinks. And head over there right now!

5. Herbert Von King Park

670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216 (Photo via NYC Parks)

This gorgeous park has four designated BBQ locations. It provides a great view, lots of space to roam around, and plenty of trees to stand under for shade (in case it gets too sunny). And if you get bored, check out the Almira Kennedy Coursey Amphitheatre! The only BBQ rule? No amplified sounds are permitted.

Here are the locations:

  • Marcy Ave., Tompkins Ave., bet. Greene Ave. and Lafayette Ave.

6. Kaiser Park

Neptune Ave., Bayview Ave.,W. 24 St. to W. 32 St. (Photo via NYC Parks)

Talk about a VIEW. This park offers 20 grills for your BBQ pleasure, a tennis court, handball courts, and a playground for the little ones (or the big ones). And if that doesn’t fulfill your BBQ desires, you can head to the beautiful pier and fish.

7. Manhattan Beach Park

Ocean Ave & Mackenzie St, Brooklyn, NY 11235 (Photo via NYC Parks)

This park is a popular spot for BBQers, as it provides a great view, and plenty of options in case one gets bored of eating. Not to mention, the beaches are close by if you want to swim all the calories away.

Here are the BBQ hotspots (no amplified sounds are permitted):

  • Northeast of Promenade, median adjacent to parking lot
  • Oriental Boulevard & Hastings Street

8. Red Hook Recreation Area

Halleck St., Bush St. bet. Otsego St. and Court St. (Photo via NYC Parks)

Of course this robust location offers BBQ opportunities! It also offers a popular playground, a pool, a track to take a long jog, or lift weights! This is a must-try place for all Brooklynites.

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