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Newsletter Mailing Suggests Kruger Resignation May Have Been Last Minute Decision

Kruger's name was removed from his district office Wednesday morning. (Photo by Robert Fernandez)

State Senator Carl Kruger’s resignation and guilty plea on Tuesday may have been a last minute decision, as indicated by the fact he mailed his usual newsletter just days before.

Less than 24 hours after Kruger resigned and admitted he took at least $1 million in bribes, reader Lenny M. received the disgraced pol’s regular newsletter.

“Throughout my 18 years in the Senate, I’ve asked constituents for their ideas about new legislation, and I’ve always been gratified by the results,” Kruger wrote in the newsletter. “Government is a partnership, and your concerns about quality-of-life issues provide the impetus for change that affects not just our community but the entire state.”

The fold-out newsletter went on to list a slew of recent legislative accomplishments. Nowhere in the newsletter was there mention of Kruger’s ongoing legal troubles, corruption allegation or even a hint that he was considering resigning.

With most mail within the district being received in as little as a day or two, it’s likely that the newsletter was mailed on Friday or Monday. It was announced Monday evening that Kruger would appear in court to discuss a plea arrangement, suggesting the decision was made after the mailing.

Receiving the newsletter just hours after reading about Kruger’s resignation left our tipster flabbergasted.

“I wonder what he’s trying to do politically, he knew he’d resign, he knew he’d be guilty as per his plea deal,” Lenny wrote. “Why did he have to spend taxpayer money on this? To gain sympathy? What for?”

Around the same time Lenny received the newsletter, a crew was at the site of Kruger’s district office at 2201 Avenue U, removing the large letters that spelled the pol’s name on the signs for nearly two decades. His name remains on the door.

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  1. Hey Robert, My curser still thinks it’s Kr00kger’$ office!!!
    Matter fact it thinks that person squatting is he himself.

  2. Someone should take that spot, and build an indie coffee shop. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen and we’ll get another cell phone store in the area. Hurrah.

  3. Don’t think it was last minute, since rumors persistedfor several months that he would resign before Christmas and his chief of staff was sending out resuimes for a new job. 
    Kind of ironic that the last newsletter arrived the same week he resigned. Love that opening quote, “There oughta be a law.” If Kruger hadn’t disobeyed the law it wouldn’t means as much as it did when it arrived.

  4. If it wasn’t such valuable real estate, it should be left as is — a monument to all the bullshit in politics! (Does anyone know from what movie closing line I paraphrased that? (Free used music CD [from my vast collection} for first posting.) 

  5. he’s probably got a pal in the graphics-printing business who he’s been subsidizing, and of course there probably was a kickback to Carl

  6. HA HA HA He thought he was a wise guy but it caught up with him it was bound to happen. More tax dollars for us for another inmate. He will be having all the goodies that most of us can’t afford. By the way maybe a sushi place might go there lol.

  7. we need a monument to political morons like this guy…

    im thinking a a woman holding a diaper, with a load of crap in it.

  8. The photos of that fat crook blubbering in court and outside of the courthouse was worth the price of buying a printed news paper.  It’s always good to see a bully get his comeuppance and Kruger was the epitome of greedy toady pols we love to hate. I hope he serves his full, miserable term. By the way, his atty. said just last month that Kruger would be “fully exonerated”.  Ha ha Mister Bronfman. Question, can he be prosecuted for Lying In Public?


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