New Zealand Herald Hearts L & B Spumoni Gardens

Photo by Aaron Landry via flickr

While the French may have been the first nation to appreciate the comedic styling of Jerry Lewis, it’s New Zealand that’s currently giving neighborhood institution L & B Spumoni Gardens some international pizza props. The Kiwi publication New Zealand Herald featured the 86th Street eatery on their website as part of a story about New York pizza.

L & B managed to hold its own against renowned DUMBO pizzeria Grimaldi’s. According to the article the tour group accompanying reporter Rob McFarland was split 50/50 as to which of the two places they visited was better at producing prodigious pizza pies. A comparison of L & B to Grimaldi’s might be as futile as one of apples and oranges but one thing the author of the piece has no doubt about is “a serving of L&B’s delicious home-made spumoni… should be compulsory.” Let’s not forget to give credit to the man responsible for McFarland’s visit to our neck of the woods. Many thanks to Tony Muia and his Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour for bringing new found recognition to one our area’s more notable contributions to the New York City food scene.

New Zealand Herald- New York: Slice of Pizza Life


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