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The New York Times Discovers The Wonders Of Nargis Cafe

A pumpkin manti from Nargis.

Nargis Cafe (2818 Coney Island Avenue) is in the limelight again, this time with the New York Times writing up the Uzbeki restaurant’s mouth-watering cuisine, and tracing the business from humble beginnings into a jewel of Sheepshead Bay.

The Times isn’t the only one to discover the central-Asian cuisine. In February, the FX show The Americans used the space to film some scenes there.

Of course, we’ve been on to Nargis’ exceptional delights for years, already having written up reviews of pumpkin-stuffed Manti and the spiced fries. But there’s always room for more attention.

In their article, the Times takes a peek in the back of this restaurant that serves “denizens of outer Brooklyn.”

Everything except a few desserts brought in from a local bakery is made in-house, including beef noodles pulled by hand, and dumpling casings and savory pastry crusts rolled early in the morning, long before the cafe opens. Mr. Bangiev performed the pulling and rolling and almost all the cooking himself in the fledgling years of Nargis. Even though he has entrusted the kitchen to his cooks, Mr. Bangiev can still be found each day and evening at the cafe, immersed in every aspect of his restaurant.

Kudos to Nargis for catching the Times’ fickle, Manhattan-centric eye.

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  1. Nothing special about nargis. Fatty meat and same food as anywhere else. Overhyped and not worth it.

  2. Get ready Sheepshead Bay…Here comes your 2014 flood of Hipsters. Let’s get ready to raise the rents and raze the establishments.

  3. When someone calls Sheepshead Bay a “gentle vacation” (sound it out), then you’re in trouble.

  4. Nargis is alright, plov is probably better than most Uzbek restaurants in the area, other than that, it’s practically all the same.


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