At First Bite: New York Brick Oven Pizza On Marlborough/Cortelyou

At First Bite: New York Brick Oven Pizza On Marlborough/Cortelyou
Margherita Slice at NY Brick Oven Pizza

After getting word that it would open a few weeks back, we finally had a chance to taste a slice at New York Brick Oven Pizza (1502 Cortelyou Rd/375 Marlborough Rd, 718-282-4222, see full menu here).

There were several varieties available by the slice, from plain ($2.50) to buffalo chicken and pepperoni ($3 and up) but we went with the Margherita ($3), with large melted slices of fresh mozzarella, dollops of tomato sauce, and a good sprinkling of chopped fresh basil. It’s got a thin crust that’s not particularly smokey or crispy from the oven, but that still has a pretty good bite to it.

The slice gave us a good preview of what to expect, and we’re looking forward to trying more. Definitely seems like a nice addition to the delivery options in the neighborhood, and we’re glad to see someone making use of the space, and the oven, that have been sitting there unused for a few years.

They are connected, in some way (exactly how we’re not sure, but at least in address) to the forthcoming pharmacy in the old Solo space, so while there’s not a lot of counter space in the pizza place to sit and eat, it’ll be interesting to see if there will be an opportunity to pull up a stool to the old bar for a soda with a slice. We’re looking into exactly how possible that might be.

Anyone else try it — the pizza, pastas, sandwiches, anything — yet?


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