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New Utrecht Reformed Church Brings Back Animals For “Living Nativity” Scene

Source: Vincent La Marca

The New Utrecht Reformed Church is bringing back sheep and other animals to their “Living Nativity” scene on front lawn of the church this Saturday, December 15 at 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The “Living Nativity” scene is a long-standing tradition at the 1828 83rd Street location.

“Last year we did not include animals in our live tableau of the manger scene,” said Susan Hanyen, Vice-President of New Utrecht’s Consistory. “But this year, re-establishing a long tradition, they’re back!”

The first manger scene was set up on the grounds of the church complex in 1956. Since then, residents have flocked to see the scene, with or without animals.

The church also presents actors in Biblical costumes performing special scenes for Christmas.

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