New Sushi Spot Wants You To Pick The Name

I really hope all the waiters dress like this. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

We received an e-mail from reader Karol M. yesterday, letting us know that she’s got a buddy planning on opening a new sushi joint in Sheepshead Bay, an area, as we all know, that is deprived of sushi joints.

There may currently be seven sushi restaurants in a two-block radius of Sheepshead Bay Road, but we can always use another, right? Well, before I get my snark on too strongly, Karol tells us that, firstly, it’ll be on Gravesend Neck Road, and, secondly, they’re planning a bit of a twist:

The decor of the restaurant will be giant black and white samurai photos and TVs playing kung-fu flicks–so think, y’know, Japanese with a dash of kitsch. It’s seeking to be the first upscale sushi establishment in an area known for 50% off sushi spots.

The first upscale sushi establishment in Sheepshead Bay! Thank goodness!

Wait, wasn’t that Mambo Sushi’s strategy when they opened up on Emmons Avenue? That worked well.

But apparently this unnamed sushi place has an ace up its sleeve: Karol said they’re bringing in a former chef from the Upper East Side’s Sushi Seki, a “favorite of chefs like Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten,” according to Serious Eats.

Making things more interesting, the owner is holding a contest to name the establishment. Karol is asking Sheepshead Bites readers to head over to her blog and leave suggestions in the comments. The winner will be given a free omakase dinner for two, tax included. Contest ends November 30 at 5:00 p.m. After leaving a suggestion, make sure to head back here and let us know what you recommended!

And, while I can’t help but be snarky at the suggestion that Sheepshead Bay needs a new sushi option, we wish the best of luck to the new endeavor.