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New Completion Dates Set For Windsor Terrace Walgreens/Key Food


Walgreens Key Food
If you were looking forward to a springtime completion for the Windsor Terrace Walgreens/Key Food development, located on Prospect Avenue at 11th Avenue, we’ve got an update from Assemblyman Jim Brennan’s office.

In a letter released this week, Assemblyman Brennan notes that Walgreens is now scheduled for a July opening, but we’ll have to hold off until October to stroll the aisles of the new Key Food.

Walgreens management tells Brennan that the possible opening date for that store is July 7, and the delays to the previously announced spring opening were due to the difficult winter and poor building conditions.

“The company considered working on Saturdays and on a 24-hour schedule, but concerns about disturbing nearby residents forced the company to reject those options,” Brennan writes. “Walgreens tells my office that the community should see major progress at the site by mid-May at which time the roof and parking lot will be completed.”

These same problems have also delayed the Key Food opening, and the company tells Brennan that the grocery store will take possession of its section of the building at the beginning of July, but that we won’t be shopping there until much later this year.

“All the equipment, fixtures, and refrigeration have been ordered, are ready, and in storage,” Brennan reports. “Key Food should be ready to open for business in the first week of October of 2014, though, hopefully sooner if at all possible.”

Here’s to hoping the new Key Food is better than the one on 5th Avenue and 12th Street. For those of you in Windsor Terrace, how has the drawn out development period affected your family? Where do you find yourself shopping in the absence of 11th Avenue’s Key Food?

Photo by Teresa Lagerman

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