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New Pharmacy Heading To Corner Of East 19th Street

Source: nolastname

It looks like a new pharmacy is coming to 1826 Gravesend Neck Road, at the corner of East 19th Street, replacing Da Vinci Tattoo and Body Piercing. The tattoo parlor, which opened in September of 2010 has been shuttered for a while.

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  1. Too many of these pharmacies are popping up all over Avenue U. Something sure smells fishy. We have Rite Aid, Duane Reed and a very nice Chinese owned pharmacy, on Avenue U, between E.19th and Ocean Ave, which has been in business for many years. Now there is a new one on Ave. U and Ocean Ave. right across from Rite Aid, another one between E.18th & 19th Sts. One next to the bank near the corner of E.16th and another across the street from that. Not to mention other ones in this area. Sures spells fraud to me and others I have spoken to. The area politicians really need to check into this matter.

  2. There have always been a lot of drug stores. A walk down Avenue U in 1962 would cause one to notice there were at least one within any two blocks of it. Less people here in 1962. But one would see a variety of other businesses as well. Where are the variety stores, the fabric stores, the houseware stores. All gone now. As are so many other store categories of the past.

  3. The heap was still there Wednesday night. Sanitation did not touch it because it is commercial property…..Welcome to the hood, now clean up your act.

  4. I am in the area for over 38 years and there has never been so many drug stores here. Ave. U shopping area was very nice years ago. Now it is ruined with all these stores, esp. Chinese Markets blocking the streets with their rotten fruits and veggies on the street, plus the putrid smells that come from their dirty stores. Ave U used to be nice, now it looks just like the lower east side with merchandise outside. It is a disgrace and the local politicians who we elected don’t do a damn thing about it.

  5. Too bad Thea Drugs is not here anymore. Part of the floor sign still exists on the entrance to the convenience store that is there now on Ave. U and E. 18th St. The sign says “Thea Drugs Est. 1938.”

  6. I use to work in Thea’s drugs in the late 60’s Marty was the owner and use to drive me crazy in a good way with his jokes


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