New Parking Meters Under The Gowanus Expressway

New Parking Meters Under The Gowanus Expressway

SUNSET PARK – A neighbor noticed several parking meters under the Gowanus Expressway and was wondering what was going on. So, we looked into it.

Starting September 10, parking meters under the Gowanus Expressway from 35th Street to 37th Street became operational. It is a pilot in conjunction with a larger urban design pilot project for improved lighting and green infrastructure at 36th Street and 3rd Avenue.

“The time limit also boggles my mind — people who commute and work here park there. Who needs 4-hour max parking?” the neighbor told us.

The DOT says the parking pilot is a direct response to the evolving community needs.

“[It] will improve parking availability and the functionality of underutilized space for local residents, employees, and customers,” a DOT spokesperson said.

Council Member Carlos Menchaca’s office echoes the sentiment.

“The community has for a long time asked for the parking bays to be regularized, and this pilot is an effort to respond to those requests. DOT has noticed a difference in parking behavior already, and may look to apply this strategy in other places if the metering works well.”

“The Council Member is encouraging residents to send us their feedback on how the pilot program is affecting them and will raise any concerns with DOT and our community at-large.”

For those wondering how long the parking meters will stay, the DOT will be evaluating their effectiveness through early next year.


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