New Lundy's Tenant Revealed!

We noted a few weeks ago that renovation of the Lundy’s space is underway; now we’re happy to bring you confirmation of the new tenant.

And the business that will be operating in the iconic building is… [cue drumroll]… Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, a local food market with a storefront currently on 2278 86th St, between Bay 32st street and 23rd Ave. in Bensonhurst/Bath Beach. It is expected that Cherry Hill-Lundy’s will open its doors in the next 2 to 3 months.


(Cherry Hill Market in Bensonhurst/Bath Beach)

Read on after the jump to see some of the business’ plans for the space, as well as reviews of its current storefront.

The news confirms speculation that a Whole Foods-type market will be moving in and, since it will occupy the entire space of the recently shuttered restaurant, this quashes the persistent rumors of an Outback Steakhouse, which were first put down by a commenter on It’s good to hear that a local business will be taking the space that represents so much in our neighborhood, even if the bad news is that the Lundy’s name will probably never again grace a restaurant’s awning.

A source with knowledge of the store’s plans says the market will feature a small, seated dining area on the elevated platform in the rear of the right side of the restaurant (from the perspective of the entrance). The room upstairs, formerly a catering hall, will serve as the store’s bakery, serving up fresh breads, cakes and other doughy-goodness. Apparently, the owners are also planning to lay claim to the entire parking lot behind the building.

Here are some reviews of Cherry Hill Market’s existing operations. Note that it is a 24-hour operation that has been praised as a very good international food market, with great breads and high-marks for cleanliness. I, for one, am very excited to see how it all turns out.