New Lily Pond Entrance Ramp Opens On Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

The new Lily Pond entrance ramp (Source: MTA Bridges and Tunnels via Home Reporter News)
The new Lily Pond entrance ramp (Source: MTA Bridges and Tunnels via Home Reporter News)

Drivers heading to Brooklyn over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge will now have the luxury of driving over the newly completed Lily Pond entrance ramp. Home Reporter News is reporting that the new ramp opened to traffic on Tuesday.

Home Reporter News described the specifics of the serenely named ramp:

The new ramp, which is wider and has one entrance instead of two, is located about 100 feet south of the existing ramp entrance for drivers heading south on Lily Pond Avenue, and will include a new traffic light. Drivers traveling south-bound on Lily Pond will turn on green signal onto the ramp. The light will be synchronized to take turns with northbound vehicles that are making a left turn onto the ramp.
At the top of the fly over ramp vehicles will merge with motorists coming from the Narrows Road South entrance ramp and will have access to both the upper or lower levels of the bridge.

While the ramp is open, not all work is finished but Project Engineer Piv Lim promised that the ramp will be an improvement.

“Work will be continuing near the top of the ramp but once it is completed, drivers will have a smoother transition as they drive to either level of the bridge,” Lim told the Home Reporter News.

The new ramp is part of the overall $50 million MTA toll plaza improvement project. According to MTA officials, work on the project is now 48 percent completed with the final touches scheduled to be finished in 2015.