New Feature: Open Thread Mondays

Sheepshead Bites is proud to introduce a new feature that requires almost no effort or thought on our behalf (we’re very proud of those types of initiatives): Open Thread Mondays. Every Monday we’re putting up a post – much like this one – that gives you the opportunity to rant and rave about whatever you like. Is there something around the bay that’s been bugging you? Was some chick on the train tragically singing along to her own god-awful music and you want to vent? Did your little ‘un get a good grade in school and you want to brag about it? Want to self-promote last week’s Flickr photos? Here’s the place!

Tell your neighbors what you think they should see online. Tell us what you think we should cover. Rants, raves, jokes, suggestions, blasphemes — this is your free-form playground to broadcast whatever you want. Go for it, Sheepshead!