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New Brighton Beach Bathrooms Delayed (UPDATED)

(Source: NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

UPDATE (5/23/2013 @ 11:15 a.m.): Sorry beach goers, the new Coney Island and Brighton Beach modular comfort stations won’t be finished by Memorial Day. According to a report by the New York Daily News, the new stations won’t be ready for this weekend and temporary toilets will be put in place instead.

The futuristic Coney Island and Brighton Beach bathrooms are almost in place as workers from the New York City Parks Department finish their work this week.

The new stations, which cost $1.5 million each, have brought anger from residents of the Oceana luxury condominiums (50 Oceana Drive West) who are upset that the new bathrooms disrupt their ocean view.

Despite their protests, Parks Department officials insist that the bathrooms are necessary to handle the huge crowds of people who visit the beaches of Coney Island every year.

Anywho, does that ramp on the left, leading to that RV-in-the-sky, look a little steep? We’ll have to get over there and see what these things are like first-hand.

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  1. Hard-working residents of Brighton Beach area, both apartment
    owners and renters who pay substantially more to reside near the ocean and who have
    been investing in this area and making it a thriving economic, cultural, and
    vacation destination, now have to face the consequences of the poor
    decision-making by the people who go to the Hamptons beaches on Long Island.

  2. I wonder how long these monstrosities will even last. The existing facilities were built to last a hundred years. I can’t imagine that repairs to the plumbing would have costed more than these trailer parks. To me they look like two buses perched in the air.

  3. They look very odd… I know when I saw them on Emmons they looked more trailer like than the image…

  4. …”a thriving economic, cultural, and
    vacation destination”

    i’m sorry are you referring to 2013 or 1913?

  5. Um HARD working. lol Key words. Hard working, Owner and renters, pay substantially , investing in area. Makes me want to throw up. Especially the hardworking.

  6. I really had to do a double take just now when I saw the picture – wtf IS that?!?

    They really do look like a couple of precariously perched trailers atop a motorcycle trick ramp.

    But at 1st glance, I thought of 2 giant toasters, about to eject equally enormous Pop-Tarts…

  7. They need to do something and finish it all up- I have a friend that lives at Brighwater with an ocean view- bless her- she puts up with lights and construction noise all night. She bought in Brooklyn to get away from the city noise and now doesn’t even want to stay in her new home due to all the beep-beeping and bright lights shining into her apartment!

  8. Looks like a real picture to me but definitely not Coney Island or Brighton Beach.. Rockaway perhaps?

  9. The original price of a single bathroom is $6 million.
    The so-called “New Brighton” one is now reaching over $10 million!
    This the data is from the court affidavit of Parks Department.
    $10 million!!!! 50 apartments oceanfront condo cost less to build than this crapper.
    Corruption run amok!


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