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Nelson Sides With Bloomberg On Chancellor Appointee


After we wrote yesterday about Councilman Lew Fidler’s opposition to Cathie Black’s impending appointment as schools chancellor, we thought we’d check in with Sheepshead Bay’s other representative in the City Council to see where he stands.

Turns out, Councilman Mike Nelson is giving the thumbs up to the Bloomberg appointee. Nelson, who used to serve on the school board, is looking to Black to continue the legacy of the recently-retired Joel Klein.

“By most indications, since Klein took over, things at the schools have improved,” said Nelson’s legislative aide, Steve Zeltser. “[The councilman] trusts Bloomberg’s decisions again, so he wants to see what happens and give it a chance.”

Zeltser noted that there’s not much the City Council can do, since they have no jurisdiction over the appointment process under mayoral control of schools.

Tell that to Fidler and his merry band o’ resolution pushers, who are urging the state to deny Black a waiver required for chancellor appointees lacking education experience.

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  1. Figures! This from the man who said we didn’t need to fix the zoning laws. Remember is still a Councilmember due to Bloomberg’s illegal changing of the term limit law!

  2. Let’s get this straight. We now have a system that too many parents can not get their children into the local elementary school, local middle school or high school down the block. And yes,we’re doing a great job teaching our children how to take tests and not learning how to think. Of course, instead of fixing a school our Mayor just shuts it down and puts teachers into the ATR pool and than blames them for not having a job. Let me not forget that Ms. Black did not go to public school, her children did not go and she does not have any Masters of Graduate Degrees in any subject. I guess eduacation doesn’t matter after all. Going along with Bloomberg’s logic she should also be quailified to run the Police, Fire, Sanitation and Hospitals of NYC. I don’t think so. This is not about Councilman Nelson but about the lack of courage most of the City Council has when it comes to disagreeing with the Mayor. Councilman Fidler should be commended for speaking up and saying enough of this nonsense. The Mayor should immediately begin a national search for the best QUALIFIED person for this important position. The children of this City deserve at least this much.

  3. Scopetta moved from HRA to Fire Commissioner. What did he know about fighting fires? And what was so spectacular about how he handled HRA. It’s always hire your friends, not looking for someone who knows the job. I don’t care how many so-called experts you are surrounded with. If you aren’t familiar with the area you are in charge of, you have no idea if you are being told the truth or what they think you want to hear.

  4. You send them letters and they don’t even reply to you. If you bug them about a problem, they will send one letter on your behalf, never follow-up and think their job is done.

  5. From a personal point of view I found that Mike Nelson’s office has always responded to any of my community concerns. They always call me back respond to my email etc… and they did fix most of my issues over the years.


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