Neighbors Spot ‘Floating Silver Mothership’ In Fort Greene And Prospect Heights

Has anyone ever seen this car in NYC before? License plate is from Montana but I saw it today in Fort Greene. Trying to figure it out! from nyc

Neighbors who passed by Atlantic Handwash at 805 Atlantic Avenue (at Vanderbilt Avenue) last week experienced an intergalactic vehicle in the heart of Prospect Heights.

But Redditor mysteriousbrooklyn swears he saw the same “ship” on Monday, November 29.

Such is the mystery of the “floating silver spaceship,” which Gothamist reported has set off the Brooklyn reddit world. And there’s a bit of a chase going on.

Prospect Heights seems to be a sci-fi hot-spot. So says Prospect Heights neighbor Elisa Hazel. “I saw the spaceship car this past Saturday on Vanderbilt right in front of the Foodtown,” she told BKLYNER. The supermarket is located at 632 Vanderbilt Avenue between Prospect Place and Park Place. Elisa hasn’t seen it since.

Look what car decided to park in front of my house in East Williamsburg today from nyc

Redditor Peanutpickle10 told Gothamist he saw it “parked in front of 10 Ft Single at N 6th and Meeker in Williamsburg.” When he spotted the oddity on Saturday, December 3, he said “there were two men, likely father  [and] son pair, with no shoes, showing the car off to residents at 277 N 6th Street. It was definitely driving and something that’s been spotted around the area recently.”

mysteriousbrooklyn posted that the “license plate is from Montana but I saw it today in Fort Greene. Trying to figure it out!”

Now this being Brooklyn, the conversation quickly veered towards the proper boundaries of neighborhoods. “South 6th by the BQE is now East Williamsburg? I can’t keep up,” wrote guiltyofnothing. “North 6th. And no, it’s not,” responded badgerness.

We have not received confirmation of the ship appearing in Park Slope, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, or Downtown Brooklyn. But if you do come across this vehicle, please find out if they’re friendly visitors and email us at

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