Neighbors Launch Petition For Dog Run At Parade Ground

Photo via Michael Gil
Photo via Michael Gil

For years, neighbors have been pushing for a dog run in our area — and to make that space become a reality, they’ve now launched a petition urging Borough President Eric Adams to lend his support for the canine haven.

The petition, which you can see here, states that while Prospect Park can provide a great get-away for dogs and their owners, it’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to pets’ (and people’s) needs:

However, many owners are not able to go to the Prospect Park areas for a variety of reasons. Some work during off-leash hours, some are concerned with going to the park when it is dark, and some are unable to walk far from home. The community needs a fenced-in area for unleashed dogs that is able to stay open during the day.

The proposed closed-in dog run would be maintained by the Kensington Dog Park Association, Inc., a group of neighbors that, the petition notes, “will review the condition of the area, plan for upkeep along with the Parks Department, and seek funding from a number of sources.”

If you’d like to learn more about the dog run, the Kensington Dog Run Association will hold its monthly meeting this Thursday, April 23 at 7pm in the recreation room at 346 Coney Island Avenue, between Caton Place and Kermit Place. During the gathering, members will be discussing how to generate awareness and funding for the dog run, among other topics.

For more information, you can visit the association’s Facebook page.

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. Honestly, the area is already covered in dog shit. Until dog owners can show they can get their shit together, i do not want to encourage more dog traffic.

  2. I’d be in favor of this if dogs were banned from prospect park so that I could enjoy public green space without my kids or I stepping in dog sh*t. As it is, since dog owners already feel so entitled to use any/all park space for their personal “dog run,” why would I support giving up more scarce public space for this?

  3. The people who want to take their dogs to a dog park are not generally the ones who let their dogs shit all over. Denying this idea on that basis is punishing responsible dog owners for no reason. And this is coming from a non-dog owner who mostly dislikes dogs.

  4. The non-responsible dog owners will use the dog run too. If the responsible ones want to have nice things like this, they need to do what they can to get their whole group behaving more responsibly and improve perception.

  5. That’s like saying it’s the job of people who aren’t drug users to do what they can to get the whole group behaving more responsibly before we can have public parks that drug users might also use.

  6. That is a terrible analogy. Its more like saying that if people want to use the path through the parade ground they should form a neighborhood watch or something so that crimes are less likely to occur near the parade ground. Or if you want people to go to your restaurant, you clean up the whole street so it feels like someplace you want to go.

    To use your analogy, it would be more like there is already a park overun with drug users. Currently they hide in the bushes. Then a bunch of fancy people want to build little teahouses inside the park so they can have tea. The teahouses are most likely going to be used for drugs, but the tea drinkers argue they should still have the right to have the tea houses. If you want to build teahouses, clean up the park.

    The dog community is responsible for the dog shit. If you want to improve perception, do something to improve the situation.

  7. The reason the dog run in Prospect Park works well is because it is self-policing. When we see an irresponsible person not cleaning up after their dog we either call them out and/or clean up after their dog.

  8. I love the idea! We definitely need more dog runs south of Prospect Park, but I feel like Parade Grounds is so close to Prospect Park that there is no need to put one there. I think it should be left for playground and sport teams uses-only. I am in favor of an under-served dog park area, anywhere south of Ave. C and on. If anyone is interested in a similar idea, I would love to pitch in and help make this happen!

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