Neighbors in the News

Neighbors in the News

February House, photo by T. Charles Erickson

Lots of great buzz about several neighbors and local businesses recently:

• The Times calls Gabriel Kahane a “gifted young composer” for his work on February House, playing now at the Public Theater.

Brooklyn Based talks to local band Chappo about their first full-length album.

• Tim Thomas of The Q at Parkside talks about school segregation in a Times story.

Purple Yam’s Amy Besa tells JSonline about their updated cookbook and how she and her husband, chef Romy Dorotan, both born in the Phillipines, actually met in Philadelphia.

Urban Martial Arts has a Groupon available for its kickboxing class.

• And finally, Serious Eats makes a date with Ox Cart’s tuna burger.

Did a paper write you up, or did you write something up in a paper? Send us an email to let us know, and we’ll share it with the neighborhood!


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