Neighbor Starts Petition to Keep Kensington Plaza Benches

Kensington Plaza

In response to a recommendation by Community Board 12 to remove two of the four new benches in the 6-month-old Kensington Plaza, neighbor Bridget Elder has started an online petition to ask that the benches stay in place. The petition notes that neighbors gather at the Plaza, and spend time and money, along with local businesses, to beautify the location, creating the one place in the neighborhood where ” the elderly can rest and families can chat.” It states:

Without the benches it won’t be a plaza – there will only be a sidewalk. We would be devastated if our benches were taken away simply because of the wishes of a very few people. Please let us keep our Plaza!

They ask that you sign if you agree that: “This decision by CB 12 is unfair and not in the interest of the broader Kensington Community.” Once the petition has a large number of signatures, it will be delivered to Community Board 12 and Department of Transportation Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Joseph Palmieri.

The petition, started yesterday, already has 71 signatures as of this posting.


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