Neighbor In Need: Woman Faces Eviction, Cats Face Death If Animals Not Adopted

One of Berger's 45 cats. (Photo: Katherine Gonzalez)

It was back in March that we first told you about Barbara Berger, a Brighton Beach cat hoarder who faced eviction if she failed to offload more than 40 of her feline friends. At the time, Berger teamed up with the Brooklyn Animal Umbrella to put as many as 20 of the cats up for adoption at a Bensonhurst Petco.

Through that event and others, Berger was able to give up 22 cats, but must lose 12 more by June 5 or be evicted. A friend of hers, and frequent reader of Sheepshead Bites, Andrew Kent sent us the following plea:

A 51 year-old disabled Brooklyn woman, who has been struggling to comply with a Housing Court stipulation allowing her to keep just two cats from her original 45, is down to the wire and due back in court on Tuesday, June 5, at which time an already issued warrant of eviction, stayed pending her compliance with the agreement, may be sent to the City Marshal for execution.
If the warrant is executed, she will become homeless, and any cats left in her apartment will be taken by the City’s Animal Care and Control Shelter (AC&C), where most, if not all, will be euthanized for administrative convenience because they are less adoptable than the cats lucky enough to make it to the shelter’s infamous “Kill List” from which rescue groups select the kittens and cats they deem most deserving of a second chance.
Barbara Berger, 22 of whose cats have already been placed for adoption, with another 8 of the 10 she wants to keep being fostered until she can find and move to a pet-friendly building, says she is eager to surrender the remaining 12 to individuals, rescue groups, sanctuaries, or other refuges willing to accept them and not kill them.
If just a fraction of those reading this plea can each take just one or two of these cats, either by June 4th, to prevent Barbara’s eviction, or before the Marshal comes, to prevent seizure by AC&C, these cats, too, will have a second chance.
If you can help, know someone who can, or have any links, suggestions, or advice, please contact:
Andrew Kent
(347) 374-3903 home
(718) 791-3628 cell