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Neighbor Finds Bag Of Crystal Meth On East 4th Street & Caton Avenue


Jack Wallace meth

Thanks to neighbor Rachel for pointing out that another neighbor, Jack Wallace, alerted authorities today that he found one bag of crystal meth, and one empty bag that is believed to have contained crystal meth, on East 4th Street and Caton Avenue Рwhich he immediately brought to the 66th Precinct.

“Scary that this was found on the sidewalk this morning at about the same time our kids are going to school,” Jack said on the Kensington, Brooklyn Facebook page. “Kudos to the 66th Precinct for a quick response to take this and voucher it.”

Jack Wallace meth 2

Jack went on to say that he has “been seeing a lot of empty baggies here lately and thought it was weed. Scary to think this crap is in our neighborhood.”

Has anyone else seen bags around the neighborhood? If so, where?

Photos via Kensington, Brooklyn.

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