Need A Trash Can On Your Block? Request One From The DSNY

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UPDATE 2/26: Our local DSNY district heard your suggestions, but unfortunately it looks like most of them are not eligible locations for receptacles. Community Board 14 let us know that they’ll be happy to help with your ideas, and will be a better resource between neighbors and DSNY than the 311 site, so please reach out to them at or 718-859-6357.

EARLIER: Now that the ice on our sidewalks is pretty much all melted, some big concerns that remain are litter and piles of dog waste. Readers brought up the doo issue even in a discussion about ice removal, and neighbor Jo suggested petitioning for more trash cans might be one way to help, ahem, curb the problem.

Why not, right? On the few occasions we’ve walked friends’ dogs around the ‘hood, we have been surprised by how long it takes to reach a receptacle. It might not eradicate the issue entirely, but it could certainly help–and for other litter, too.

If you’d like a garbage can placed on a local corner, you can request one through the Department of Sanitation or by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center via 311. And if you’d like to suggest a specific intersection at which you think a trash can would be useful to many others in the area, please do so in the comments.

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  1. It seems like an obvious solution to put more trash cans around, but our neighborhood’s experience is that it might not help — in fact it can make the problem worse. Unless the cans are emptied really regularly (as in — daily), the garbage piles up around the can and people also tend to throw their household garbage there as well. As for the dog poop — part of owning a dog is cleaning up after it; when you walk your dog, take along a plastic bag to pick up the poop and then take it home to put in your own outside garbage cans.

  2. I hope no one requests a trash can for our block. I can just see a pyramid of garbage cascading to the sidewalk and blowing in the wind. People need to hold their garbage until they get to a bin on a commercial strip or to their homes (or places of work). Studies show that even subway stations are cleaner without garbage cans.

    Ever walk through Newkirk Plaza at 6:30AM? Pretty awful. And in the summer, pretty awful by nightfall too, no matter what the merchants do.

  3. You guys sound like the MTA. “Let’s remove all trash cans and count on The People to take their trash with them!” — Yeah, right, that’ll happen. The solution isn’t LESS trash cans. It’s more trash cans -with- more frequent trash pick ups. Sure, we might have to go step at a time: more cans first, then community action to get more frequent pick ups. But the answer isn’t less trash cans.

  4. People also often think that wearing a coat in cold weather will keep you warm. False. You’ll be warmer if you wear a simple T-shirt and nothing else. Another popular misconception is that umbrellas, hats and raincoats will keep you dry when walking in the rain. Not so. You’ll stay drier if you simply wear normal clothes.

  5. Who said we should remove the garbage can from Newkirk? My comment suggested that people hold their trash until they get to a commercial strip, where there are garbage cans, or until they get home.

    But when the bin’s overflowing, it would be nice if people didn’t just try to drop one more piece of trash onto the top or just toss their garbage at the bin’s base.

    As for “awful”: perhaps you have a higher tolerance for crap than I do. (Please don’t tell me to go back to Iowa; I was born in Brooklyn, have lived here all my life, and know that its residents don’t have to be slobs.)

  6. Here I am, the garbage can requester! Maybe helpful, maybe not. The poop situation really bothers me though and if not trash cans, I’d love to hear other ideas. Perhaps signs on trees? Recycled newspaper bags attached to said trash cans? I’m game for doing my bit.
    As a dog owner and neighbour, I say whatever helps.

  7. There isn’t a single public trash can on Beverley Rd between Coney Island Ave and Flatbush Ave. Even by the train station would help immensely!

  8. As a followup, yesterday my boyfriend and I both requested a trashcan to be placed at Beverley Rd & 16th (just outside the station), and this morning the city placed a shiny new trash can on the south side of the intersection 🙂 Guess the city sometimes listens! We used the Dept of Sanitation link you provided above to make the request

  9. Ahh, that’s so great! Sounds like sanitation has been working so hard since the beginning of the year with all this snow, but it’s nice to know they carved out some time to respond to you so quickly.

  10. We need more trash cans and fines. Manhattan, there’s a trash can on every corner. It should that way in ever borough!

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