Nationwide Multi-Million Dollar Medicaid Scheme Unfolds

We reported

on a sighting of Medicare investigators executing a search warrant on a local medical office on Thursday, and it turns out that the investigation is connected to a large scale fraud bust that took place all over the country.

Nine people were charged with conspiring to defraud the Medicare and Medicaid programs of more than $13 million at Cropsey Medical Care PLCC at 1706 Cropsey Avenue, according to NBC New York.

Thursday’s searches and arrests were part of a large-scale nationwide operation that took down medical office professionals that submitted over $432 million in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims. More than $23 million of that is said to be billed by varying medical professionals all over Brooklyn and Long Island.

“Millions in fraudulent claims were billed for unnecessary or undelivered services, and those bills are indirectly borne by all taxpayers.  These programs are designed to assist the elderly or indigent, not greedy thieves,“ said FBI Acting Assistant Director in Charge Mary Galligan.

The individuals arrested are expected to appear in federal court later this week.


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