Name My Dog, Please

Remember last week, when I said that I was going to occasionally abuse my editorial power and subject you to photos that don’t interest you? Yeah, well, I’m moving forward at a rapid pace. Now you get little slices of my life that don’t interest you. Enjoy!

I got a new dog, a terrier mutt. My brother insists on naming it Indiana. Indiana is a terrible name for several reasons. First of all, the dog is female. Second, Indiana the state sucks. Third, my brother came up with it.

Since this pup is Sheepshead Bay’s newest resident, I figured I’d put it to the crowd. Oh ye’ wise and knowledgeable masses, tell me, what shall I name this pooch? I’m looking for a cool, fitting name – but extra consideration will be given to those names related to Sheepshead Bay or Brooklyn.

Some ideas so far? Gidget, Muppet, Izzie, Lola, Roxy, Sadie, Lundy, Avon Barksdale and ::sigh:: Payback (“So when someone asks you if it’s a boy or a girl, you can say ‘Payback’s a bitch.'”).

More photos for inspiration after the jump. Leave your ideas in the comments – and if someone’s got an idea you like, say so!