Protestors Want Nail Salon Shut Down After Woman Is Beaten

The New Red Apple Nail salon at 1426 Nostrand has been the site of protests after a fight broke out in the shop (Screenshot via Google Maps)

EAST FLATBUSH – At two rallies on Monday, members of the community demanded that the New Red Apple Nails salon be shut down after a brawl between customers and staff at the shop.

On Friday, August 3 at approximately 9:30 p.m., a 911 call was made about an assault inside a nail salon at 1426 Nostrand Ave, just north of Church Avenue.

According to a release from NYS Assembly candidate Anthony Beckford, a woman allegedly paid for everything except $5 because the employee “messed up the eyebrows.”

Video footage posted by News Today shows a salon employee beating the woman with the broomstick as the woman fights back:

According to the NYPD, it was a cross-complaint assault which means both parties to the accusations were charged with assaulting each other.

Cops arrested two women: Huiyue Zheng, a 32-year-old staff member at the salon, was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and harassment. Christina Thomas, a 21-year-old customer, was charged with assault, menacing, and harassment.

After the video went viral on Facebook, some have called for the nail salon to be shut down.

Protestors at the rallies cited racism and are refusing to go back to the nail salon. They are also demanding that charges be filed against the other employees who were involved in the assault.

The rallies on Monday, August 6, at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. were met with a strong police presence. The nail salon has not closed.

Borough President Eric Adams tweeted about the incident and called it “deeply disturbing and unacceptable.”

Beckford had this to say: “For far too long has our community been victims of violence, racism, and bigotry. These businesses love our hard earned money but treat us worse than animals.”

“We are hurting, We are tired. We will not stop until we have justice for the family and the business shuts down for good.”

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  1. If the customer would had paid her full bill then there wouldn’t had been a problem better yet maybe the situation could had been dealt with in a civil way when the customer noticed there was a difference in the eyebrow, now the community is taking the situation to another level.

  2. 1. The customer shouldn’t have to pay full if the work done was not correct.
    2. Support your Chinese neighbors or not, the business has no right to lay a hand on you physically, for ANY reason.
    3. It’s a black community – why are you surprised that a viral video in a black community is spreading and creating racism towards the Chinese business?

    In the grand spectrum, both parties are wrong. The Chinese for making this get psychical instead of calling authorities (btw, that is a shady practice, and usually means they have something to hide – nobody just refuses to report these things because a police report would protect you against any damages as a business). The customers are wrong for making this go viral and provoking the attack from the Chinese employees.

    You all act like Black people and Chinese people get along so well…..most of them have extreme hatred towards each other why is this even a news story?

  3. If you’re willing to beat and attack a patron over $5, despite them paying for all the other services rendered. Then maybe Customer Service / Hospitality is not a field for you to be in.

  4. Is ok not to pay the eyebrow but I think is reasonable that she has to pay the mani or pedi. I think that’s all they were arguing about. The customer just got pissed about the eyebrows and decided not to pay for everything. You tell me who’s right here


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