N Train Shuffle: Coney-Bound N Trains To Skip Seven Stations For 1.5 Years

(Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

The N train shuffle returns: Prepare for another year of station closings on the century-old N line in southern Brooklyn.

From July 31 to the end of 2018, seven Coney Island-bound platforms will be closed for a $395.7 million MTA renovation project, officials announced on Friday. During the year-plus timeline, N trains will run express from Eighth Avenue to Coney Island.

The stations, which see about 53,000-weekday straphangers, will get much-needed upgrades to track infrastructure, and also features like accessibility-compliant platforms, new lighting, stairways, and handrails; repairs to canopies and columns, and new artwork, MTA officials say.

Here’s what you need to know

Trains will run express from Eighth Avenue to Coney Island, skipping:

-Fort Hamilton Parkway
-New Utrecht Avenue
-18th Avenue
-20th Avenue
-Kings Highway
-Avenue U
-86th Street stations
*Eighth Avenue and Bay Parkway will have construction crews, but trains will continue to drop off passengers on temporary platforms.

These are the same stations whose Manhattan-bound platforms opened in May after being shuttered for a year and a half.

To get to these stations, take the N train to Bay Parkway or Coney Island and transfer to a Manhattan-bound train.

The project was funded through the 2010–2014 MTA Capital Program.

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  1. almost four million dollars on top of the 4 they already spent? the stations look like crap even after the reno..
    and to boot they need another 1.5 yrs to complete? this is the biggest damn joke of the borough. i’d love to know who’s pockets are getting filled. this is outrageous and such crap.

  2. I don’t know why the MTA needs to skip 7 Coney Island bound stations. They skipped 9 Manhattan bound stations last January. The MTA did not close a lot of stations while they are fixing the F or R train. Years ago, when the MTA fixed stations on the D line they only closed one station at a time. There are enough issues with the MTA and now this. I knew it was going to happen but if the MTA had half a brain between all the idiots who make these decisions they would be dangerous.

  3. After the MTA “beautification” project, those 7 stations STILL look like crap. In about a year, they will look exactly the same as they did before the project started. MTA should look into how London, Russia, and Ukraine keep their subways.

  4. Stations they already “fixed” are either still being repaired or like the Avenue U station are already falling apart..crack’s in the concrete, plaster falling off the ceiling, water seeping though the ceiling…. horrible.

  5. Agree with previous comments, the Manhattan bound side still looks like crap after a year and a half of renovation. The platform even got narrower, walls are just as ugly if not uglier, and I have not seen any visible technology improvements. For a year and a half and millions of $ spent, this certainly looks like a scam and it’s even more disastrous when it’s not a scam.

  6. I agree with everyone else – the Manhattan side still does look any better than it did before they started this project. 20th Ave looks just about the same as does 18th Avenue and Kings Highway.

  7. Are the auditors can give the public report how the money Manhattan bound stations “repair” were spend?


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