My Baby Wears Prada

Luxury Day Care in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay, the once working-class neighborhood where all housing is now “luxury” and all markets are now “gourmet”, is getting a new class of baby socialites demanding pampered care with silk baby wipes. That’s right –  the most luxurious day care center in Brooklyn is opening its doors here in Sheepshead Bay.

We spotted this banner in front of 1018 Avenue Y (near Coney Island Avenue). We didn’t ask anyone, but we’re assuming this means your little sweety-poo can be swaddled in Gucci blankets, fed from diamond studded nipples, and order their illegal immigrant maids around to pack up their Jack Rabbit blocks into their Louis Vittone baby bags.

I went to Big Apple Day Care on Avenue X near Ocean Avenue. Surely these babies will goo-goo ga-ga down their noses at me.

By the way, could someone please shoot me in the face?