Muslim Family Says Trump Supporter Told Them To “Go Back To Your Country” At Bay Ridge TJ Maxx

A Muslim family says that they were attacked and harassed outside of a Bay Ridge TJ Maxx by a Trump-supporting white woman on Saturday, with the woman telling the family to “go back to your country.”

Mido Mourad, a journalist originally from Egypt, says that he and his ex-wife were shopping for winter clothes for their children at the TJ Maxx on 86th St and 5th Ave when the woman allegedly began to curse at them while waiting in line. While leaving, she yelled at them to “go back to your country.” Mourad said that employees and the store’s manager did nothing in response, which led him to call the police.

While waiting, Mourad went outside and began recording video, which he posted on Facebook. The video shows the woman, whom Mourad identifies on Facebook as a Trump supporter, flipping the middle finger at Mourad and attempting to swat his phone out of his hands. She then walks out, tells him to “get out of my face or I’ll f**k you up,” and then says “imma hit him” before walking away.

Our office is assisting Mido Mourad and his family. This is his statement regarding the harassment and assault from…

Posted by CAIR New York on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Mourad said that when the police showed up, they told him the incident was not a hate crime and only wrote a harassment complaint.

“I still cannot believe that TJ Maxx prioritized helping this racist over us,” Mourad said in a statement released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) New York chapter. “We hope the NYPD will take this assault seriously and investigate it as a hate crime.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for TJ Maxx said the company will take “any internal actions we deem appropriate” to prevent and deescalate future incidents.

We are committed to fostering an environment in our stores in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and do not condone any disruptive or otherwise aggressive behavior,” the spokesperson said. “We are sorry to learn that this situation occurred between two customers and are looking into this matter further.”

Assemblymember Mathylde Frontus said that she was “stunned and angry” by the incident. “How dare anyone tell a family with children to go back to their country as if they don’t belong here,” she said. State Senator Andrew Gounardes, said the incident was “not who we are and certainly not who we are going to become. Shame on this woman.”

Frontus and Gounardes joined Council Member Justin Brannan and U.S. Representative Max Rose in writing a letter to Mark Molinari, Commanding Officer of the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force, urging the task force to conduct an investigation of the incident.

“Bay Ridge is a diverse community where residents of all different faiths, races, and backgrounds live together peacefully,” the letter read. “When an incident like this goes unpunished, it threatens the very fabric of this community and makes our constituents feel less safe in their own neighborhood.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD told Bklyner that the Hate Crimes Task Force had been “notified” and is “looking into the incident,” but did not respond when asked if that meant it was conducting an investigation.

The incident is the second in a month related to anti-Muslim discrimination. CAIR filed a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging that three Muslim families were turned away by security from an NYC Ferry as a result of Islamophobic discrimination.

This story has been updated to include a letter from Justin Brannan, Max Rose, Andrew Gounardes, and Mathylde Frontus urging the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate the incident.

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Ben Brachfeld

Ben Brachfeld

Ben Brachfeld is a freelance reporter based in Brooklyn. His work has also appeared in Gotham Gazette, City & State, and Gothamist. Reach out to him via email at, or on Twitter @benbrachfeld.


  1. We are Muslims Americans with rights like everyone else in this country of ours. No one as the right to say to anyone that insults very disrespectful, she’s a low class person with no education. And I bet she’s come from same where in the banana bout we all equal anther the God eyes.

  2. It happened to me also on 86TH street. It is appears there is a concentration of troubled i individuals in that area. I was called “CHIMP go back to Africa “ also by a white couple while walking on 86TH street during my lunch break.

  3. I was on the subway a couple of days ago and someone stepped on my foot. Then, when walking up the steps out of the subway, someone in front of me farted.

  4. I couldn’t believe what I am reading. Ppl are so ignorant about Islam, the religion of peace and forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

  5. This middle-aged white dude is proud of his fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim. Thank you for being there and for staying strong!

  6. That particular neighborhood as always been a racist neighborhood. Why are minories continuing going there to shop? Why are minorities continuing support that neighborhood?

    When are minorities going to stop supporting neighborhoods that discriminate against them? Minorities are not welcome in their neighborhoods but continue supporting those racist people and their neighborhoods…Minorities deserve it. What do you expect? Stay out of racist neighborhoods and stop supporting their businesses

    When are minorities going to wake up?

  7. The woman constantly flipping her middle finger looks like she needs some psychiatric care. I really think Trump’s ugly attitudes are being happily embraced by his simple-minded supporters. Striking out at strangers? She needs a slap upside her silly head.

  8. I’m sorry that there are bigots in NYC. I’m sorry for the hateful cracks they make, for the insults and slurs they issue. That said, I cringe when I read people saying the police should make time to investigate an instance of some a**hole running off at the mouth. There are people dying in this city. People are being beaten, murdered, trafficked, raped, robbed, etc. Please, *please* let the police focus on these crimes, not some on idiot who popped off outside a TJ Max.

  9. Not to nitpick, but (1) this woman doesn’t look white to me and (2) on what basis is she identified here as a Trump supporter?

  10. Sticks and stones????? You never heard that?
    It’s a big city you need a tough skin sometimes…

  11. That poor woman must be ignored, because people like that have no value, and I know that because where I do it to me I cut my finger and put it through your mouth and then I take out your eyes and kick it until I throw it away on the floor. Thank you for not being a Hispanic. We don’t let ourselves Fuck, Bitch. !!!

  12. Always victims. Many Muslim countries. If being Muslim is great why do they do nothing but fight each other? Can Christians go to any Muslim country and build a Cathedral and never be harrassed? Hmmm. Why are Muslim majority countries not prosperous with millions from other countries wanting to immigrate there? Nothing peaceful about Islam but victims always ,yes.

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