Muscat Market Is Open On Avenue U

Muscat Market on Avenue U (Liena Zagare/BKLYNER)

SHEEPSHEAD BAY – Muskat Market, the new Glatt Kosher Gourmet Grocery store at 2613 Avenue U in Sheepshead (corner of E26th Street), had its soft opening on June 29, and has been stocking the shelves in anticipation of the Grand Opening on August 22.

Muscat Market on Avenue U (Liena Zagare/BKLYNER)

The market has been under construction since 2014 and was originally expected to open in the summer of 2015. Location is the former home of legendary Richard Yees restaurant, which closed in 2008.

Former Richard Yee's site at 2617 Avenue U
Former Richard Yee’s site at 2617 Avenue U

The new Muscat Market also took over the former site of Shulman’s Picture Framing (est. 1931) on the corner.

Via Yelp Business profile

The current interior is spacious, offering groceries as well as cakes and pastries, a section of prepared foods, as well as a flower stand.

Photo by Akmal Mamayev via Google Places

Decor is striking, with what feels like a thousand little woven baskets attached to the ceiling throughout the store:

Photo by Maksat Rakhmedov via Google Places

While the store is open, they are yet to offer catering. Street parking only.

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  1. Muscat Market obviously spent some time cultivating a fancy image but I don’t think that works in this part of Brooklyn. Most people around here just want to shop in a regular supermarket. The whole fancy/gourmet/upscale angle might actually backfire.

  2. Is this a sponsored post? I see there’s an ad for the market directly under the copy. Usually news outlets work a little harder to conceal the quid pro quo aspect of such stories.


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