Muscat Market On Avenue U Could Open In Three Weeks

(Photo by Liena Zagare/BKLYNER)

Muscat Market, a new Glatt Kosher grocery storefront on Avenue U near East 27th Street is inching closer to completion. 

The store manager told BKLYNER that they’re hoping to open in three weeks, offering catering services, kosher certified meats, packaged groceries, organic vegetables, and more.

The market has been under construction since 2014 and was expected to open in the summer of 2015, according to our last report. In 2014, reporters from this outlet spoke with then-manager at Sheepshead’s Cherry Hill market, Sam Nitka, who told us that Cherry Hill was behind the new Glatt Kosher store. But we checked in with Cherry Hill administrators, who said that Nitka no longer works there and that Cherry Hill “has nothing to do with” the soon-to-open Kosher market.

Former Richard Yee's site at 2617 Avenue U
Former Richard Yee’s site at 2617 Avenue U

The market will open in the former home of legendary Richard Yees restaurant, which closed in 2008. Yees was among the first to hawk Chinese fare outside of Manhattan’s Chinatown when it opened in 1967, making it an influential part of neighborhood history. (Richard’s father, Joe, previously opened another restaurant in Flatbush).

When Yees closed, it was the oldest surviving Chinese restaurant in the borough.

(Photo by Liliya Bomme/BKLYNER)

The new Muscat Market also took over the former site of Shulman’s Picture Framing (est. 1931) on the corner, and will likely utilize the small parking lot behind the property.

Since 2014, the property has been slapped with violations for excavation without a permit and working after posted hours, according to property records.

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  1. Went to Muscat Market today, I understand they are owned by Cherry Hill on 86th Street, makes sense cake is dry and tastes like Passover cake will not buy cake there again.


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